5 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore for a first-time Tourist

5 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore for a first-time Tourist

Before you head for that casual Bangalore tour, be warned! This friendly and quirky city may make you quit your original town and shift base here. Yes, the charm of the city is far more influential that it appears prima facie. It is not just an epitome of greenery but is also a hub of culture and the rabble of peppy lifestyle.

With a great mix of things, it is not hard to imagine that the city dishes out some great attractions. So, here are the best places to visit in Bangalore:

1. Lal Bagh: Lal Bagh literally translates into red garden. The name is no ‘red’ herring, since the place is strewn with roses giving the spot its scarlet color. Besides, you will run into a huge mélange of flowers hailing from Europe and Middle East nations. In addition, the Lal Bagh Rock and the Glass House present the so-called icings on the cake. The garden is open for visits from 9 am to 6 pm.


2. Cubbon Park: Cubbon Park is a park in character but it also has got shades of history. It is historic in its origin and houses some age-old buildings from the bygone eras. The place has well-designed lanes and pathways for the women to burn their calories and for the men to ogle at them. Even the kids love this place owing to the presence of Bal Bhavan, a section for the children.


3. Bannerghata National Park: Bannerghata National Park is situated on the outskirts and serves as one of the top weekend getaways from Bangalore. It is a wildlife park which has got tigers, cobras, pythons, crocodiles, birds, panthers and everything else you want to find. Start early so that you can spend quality time amongst the beasts and the birds.


4. Vidhan Soudha: Vidhan Soudha is another pride of the city and an attraction which no tourist in his right mind would dare to skip. Its USP is its architecture which replicates the Dravidian style. It is quite huge and will certainly give you pleasant memories and your camera some happy pictures.


5. Bangalore Palace: This palace deserves to find its name amongst the 5 best places to visit in Bangalore. Build in 1887, it is a heritage site and showcases a semi-European architectural style. The lawns add a tinge of greenery to the place and   make it worth a visit.


Some near miss-outs: The places which almost made it to our top 5 and deserve a special mention are Tipu Sultan’s Palace & Fort, Ulsoor Lake and Bull Temple. Try visiting them as well.

Photos 5 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore for a first-time Tourist

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